Polygamy is the process name, where both women and men are free to marry more than one spouse. If it is limited to multiple wives; it is Polygany, if for multiple husbands; it is Polyandry..

For years, decades and centuries, the matter of Polygany in Islam is kept hot, controversial and endlessly debatable.. It is not a matter of using facts to dishonor a religion practiced by a quarter of world population.. It is not a matter of shaming Muslims for a practice associated with many injustices.. It is not a matter of a practice with believers who cannot rationally defend or elaborate.. It is simply a shock to the set of order that had been agreed during the last fifty years as the sole route for humanity towards prosperity..

Most religions and beliefs older than Islam did not recognize Polygany as a formal form of marriage, as both necessity and/or will were not there. Demographic balance among genders was in place, Slavery was common practice answering any imbalances or excessive needs, and Mistresses were commonly known at all social and economic levels.. Before Islam, Polygany was formally known among Pagan tribes and believers; who were everywhere apart from the Mediterranean. Also, no records showed the practice in Far East and Japan..

Early Muslims did not practice Polygany as a trend, but was driven by particular needs serving expansion of their role, and their belief as well.. Polygany was known among pre-Islam Arabs; therefore, it was sensible to allow fading-out time for the practice as social trend, and replace it with a religious one.. Parameters, Justifications and Guidelines for Polygany in Islam were related to the faith; which inevitably had been disturbed and spoiled during the dark ages; by both power and wealth..

During the time of The Renaissance; Mistress had their formal yet stable order within Royal protocols and residences, Unlawful kids and orphans were epidemic everywhere cracking relation between church and government, along with Hysterical Racial movements in those slave-labored societies.. These features served the fulfillment of an ancient masculine triangle-syndrome of power, wealth, and sex; yet enabled some rationales and justifications against opponents and critics.. Church, which refused Divorce; did not equally enforce the prohibition of unlawful practices.. Notably, Jewish had enjoyed a belief denounced unlawfulness; while their minority-phenomenon discouraged divorce in general.. Other parts of the world did not celebrate any changes on their ancient cultural or pagan structures..

Both World-Wars had come with strong implications on both mind-set and ruling systems. Economic fairness, Gender equality, Scientific approaches, and Media-based politics were the foundations of the new world order. It is fairly understood that threat-prevention policies were agreed among elite politicians; with lots and open-source inputs to fit the purpose. Mankind had to allow for a humble role of religious institutions; which represented threat rather than support for the new political mind-set. This had allowed for new cultural trends to take a growing place worldwide; such as civil marriage, unisex, de facto relationships, and homosexuality.. Baby Boomers were the fuel and the beneficiaries of these flooding concepts.. Associated businesses had flourished a lot, enabling media, entertainment, publications and communications to unprecedented horizons..

On parallel to all happenings, Muslims in particular went through a dilemma as their new breed of scholars clashed with the traditional ones, which had generated radical and secular movements.. Unfortunately, the Islamic religious education had preserved its traditional structure, which partitioned the clerics from modern philosophies, theories and research methodologies.. Thus; many Islamic rulings; which include Polygany, had no acceptable arguments or debate-ability apart from blind belief..!! This was consensus among all traditional societies, which could not consume computers, cyber world, automation or robotics as the new living environment.. On the contrary; Asian religious beliefs were very flexible, which enabled their citizens to epistemically excel..


Then, why Islamic Polygany became a world debate?

Simply; it contradicts the concurrent global cultural that is based on simple family form… This practice would drive massive changes in all “socioeconomic” patterns and formulas.. Imagine a “Love Story” movie between a single woman and a married man, which would eventually ends with a “legitimate” marriage…!! Legal foundations cannot deal with it..!!

It shocks the global system of assumption; which allows “Hidden” mistresses and rejects “Publicly-Announced” another wife… Simply this would disturb all known protocols; statistics and even seating arrangements in the family cars.. Nevertheless planning family holidays.. Therefore, Sultan of Brunei formally travel with only one wife.. I wish he would try differently..!!

It shakes the further growing worldly “Feminine” movement; which was established on a 50/50 role… How a new formula would be presented without odds or frictions..?? Family Planning or counseling could find no answers or approaches for daily issues..!!

It expresses alignment to a “Controversial” yet fast-expanding religion that jeopardizes with its guidelines on 0% interest, gender-grading, capital-punishment, etc.. Simply; all dominating models and governing business plans would face philosophical and implementation challenges to form an order..!!

Finally; it exposes the dilemma that Muslims are torn between their religious permissions and worldly-social constraints… Thus, all Muslim “Elite” are vulnerable, despite the powers they may exercise.. Therefore, to maintain their sustainable existence, they would play dumb..!!

The above are not jokes, but simple interpretations of serious issues that master our concurrent world and globalization.. Regretfully, many “Enthusiastic” Muslim try to defend the Polygany permission with conceptive or ill-rationale statements that cannot stand for any structural critics; and only resulted in further “Humiliation” to Islam & Muslims..

There are some facts that should be acknowledged prior to any inputs:

From Islamic point of view; Allah swt had created Mankind for an only one purpose and an only one mission. The purpose is to acknowledge Allah swt as a “Sole Creator”; the mission is to worship Allah swt in every aspect, deed or activity..

Spouse-ship in Islam is meant for two concepts; “Breeding” as natural instinct for preserving the species; which eventually correspond with piling up faith, and “Intimacy” which is a proven principle for our humane motivations, socialization and self-recognition..

Polygany was an authentic humane practice; proven by archeology, history and sociology.. While Psychology and social science dive in our distant roots to figure out our humane core; there no point to address the matter as illegitimate or criminal act, but a culture referral; subject to its particular circumstances..

On the contrary to a man; psychological structure of a woman will not enable her to deal with more than one husband at a time.. Same applies to illegitimate affairs; as proven that any involved married woman would go thru tremendous psychological stresses.. This is why the concept of Polyandry could not survive in history, except among few pagan communities..

Followers to any religious faith are granted the right to practice the permissions given by their belief, unless causing harm to others.. Then intellectual and fair debates should take place to set harmony among people on earth.. This is why “Mormons” in USA; are not seriously questioned, despite the illogic concepts or implementations that constitute their beliefs.. On the contrary, Muslim parents in parts of Yemen, Pakistan or East Africa, who force their child girls for marriage; are not practicing Islam, but an outdated cultures..!!

Finally, Quran had stated conditions for Polygany that hard to apply, as a husband has to be just and fair in treating with the co-wives; which sounds unachievable..

Now, what are the circumstances that would legitimize Islamic Polygany?

Despite the global concern of women’s rights, gender equality and economic modeling, a fair discussion should be facilitated to reveal the truth on this subject.. Certainly answers are constrained by practicing and faithful believers, who would adhere to Islamic codes of personal behavior, and socio-religious practices.. Also, sharing one house or not; is something individual and/or discretional..

A beloved Muslim wife suffers from serious, cureless and crippling illness, which obstacle her from her normal physical, functional and sexual practices. Her husband, children and house would suffer losing both motherly and female touches. A second wife can contribute to restore and continue their life as any normal family would look for.

A beloved Muslim wife suffers from barrenness, due to natural or accidental reasons. Having and raising children is one of main reasons for marriage. A second wife can contribute and share making a normal Muslim family. Both wives can share raising wonderful Muslim kids.

A Muslim society faces increased feminization due to several reasons, such as armed conflicts; sever epidemics or imbalance birth rates. Ignoring the natural, psychological and physical needs for the non-married single females would drag them and the society to endless non-legitimate relationships. Sexual derivatives are one of the dangerous tools that evilly demolish worshipping as promised by Satan. A second (or more) wife will secure the stability of both society and faith.

A desperate Muslim widow; with or without children; who lacks support after losing her husband. When she has no relatives, resources or charities to support her life, she maybe would be dragged to the oldest trade on earth. Having her as a second wife would prevent her withdrawal from worshippers’ battalions. Such an attitude has many positive impacts on individuals, families and society as well.

Other forms of multiplied female relations with one man are historically inapplicable or acceptable; such as female-prisoner-of-war, slaves (the famous Hareem) or certainly mistresses.

These are my own findings on the subject, which would be evolved, developed and elaborated by your comments and fair discussions.. The sole aim is to establish an understanding among both Muslims and non-Muslims; which is needed as far as both share the same earth..!!

تعدد الزوجات ، ليس تعدد الزواج ، ولا تعدد الأزواج

لقد تم نشر هذا المقال منذ عامين ، ولايزال يبدو صالحاً للتداول

 دعونا نصدم ونهز أنفسنا ، ثم العالم من حولنا

هذا هو الموضوع الساخن دوماً ؛ نظرا لأسباب عدة وساحنةً أيضاً

سوف استخدم المنطق العام البسيط ، ودون استخدام آيات الكتب المقدسة ، احتراماً ونوءاً بها عن تداول التفسيرات بغض النظر كونها تحمل ترجمة جيدة أو سيئة

يرى الغالبية أن فكرة تعدد الزوجات تتعارض مع الثقافة العالمية الراهنة ، والتي تقوم على نموذج عائلة بسيطة ، وقد يؤدي تغيير هذا الترتيب الى إحداث تغييرات هائلة في جميع أنماط وصيغ وعقود الاجتماع الثقافي. تصور الفيلم السينمائي “قصة حب” ، حيث يصير الأمر مشاعر بين بين امرأة عزباء ورجل متزوج ، والتي سوف تنتهي في نهاية المطاف بالزواج الشرعي

هذا يصدم النظام المعرفي العالمي ، وسائر افتراضات الثقافة والمعرفة. ببساطة ، هذا من شأنه أن يزعج سائر البروتوكولات المعروفة ، والإحصاءات ، وحتى ترتيبات الجلوس في السيارات العائلية ، وكذلك تخطيط العطلات العائلية

ما سبق ليس فكاهة ، ولكن تفسيرات بسيطة لمسألة جادة

للأسف ، حاول العديد من المسلمين المتحمسين الدفاع عن (الإذن الديني لديهم بتعدد الزوجات) ولكن الطرح والنقاش لم يرقى أبداً لمواجهة مفاهيم المنتقدين. ولعل كثير من المسلمين قد وجدوا طريقة سهلة لمواجهة الاتهامات ، بأن التفسيرات خاطئة ، أو تاريخية لا تتعلق بالواقع المعاصر ، وعلى الرغم من أن العبارات واضحة وسليمة ومؤكدة في سياق النصوص العربية

لنبدأ مع بعض الحقائق الأساسية التي ينبغي أن يتم الاتفاق عليها أولاً

أن تعدد الزواج  هو اسم الموضوع ، حيث كل من الإناث والذكور يكون لديهم الحرية في الزواج بأكثر من زوج في آن   واحد. القضية هنا تقتصر على تعدد الزوجات  أما تعدد الأزواج فهو شكل فريد ونادر الحدوث ، وليس مجالنا

 لقد خلق الله سبحانه وتعالى “الانسان” لغرض واحد فقط و مهمة واحدة فقط: التعرّف على الله وعبادته ، والغرض من الخلق بأكمله ؛ يعلمه الله وحده سبحانه وتعالى ، فهو سبحانه أراد لنا أن نعترف دوماً بأنه “الخالق” ، والمهمة هي “عبادة الله سبحانه وتعالى” في كل قول أو نشاط أو فعل

 في الإسلام ، يقصد بالزواج لمفهومين ؛ “التكاثر” ؛ كغريزة طبيعية للحفاظ على النوع ، والتي تتطابق مع جمع العقائد ، و “الحميمية” ؛ وهو مصطلح غامض نوعاً ما ، ولكن ثبت تأثيره على الحياة الاجتماعية ، والدوافع الذاتية والسلوكية

تعدد الزوجات هو ممارسة إنسانية أصيلة ؛ كما أثبتها التاريخ وعلم الآثار وعلم الاجتماع ، ولذلك لا جدوى لمعالجة هذه المسألة على أنها ممارسة متخلفة ورديئة ، غير شرعية أو غير قانونية

وعلى العكس من الرجل ، وكما أثبت علم النفس ، فان الانثى لا يمكنها التعامل مع أكثر من زوج واحد في آن واحد ، حيث ثبت ان إشراك المرأة المتزوجة في علاقات مزدوجة ، يؤدي لتعرضها لضغوط نفسية هائلة ، بدلا من الاستمتاع أو الملذات . ولعل هذا هو السبب في أن مفهوم تعدد الأزواج لم يمكنه البقاء في التاريخ ، إلا في بعض المجتمعات الوثنية القليلة

ان أي عقيدة دينية تمنح لأتباعها الحق في ممارسة الأذونات الشرعية التي وفق اعتقادهم وشريعتهم ، إلا إذا تسبب في الحاق الضرر بالآخرين. كذلك ينبغي أن تجرى المناقشات الفكرية لضمان الانسجام بين الناس بدلا من قمعهم ، كذلك تعامل المجتمع الغربي المسيحي واليهودي مع طائفة “المورمون” ، وعلى الرغم من ان المفاهيم التي تشكل معتقداتهم ؛ بها الكثير من المأخذ

أخيرا ، لقد تضمنت الآيات في القرآن وسيرة الرسول الكريم على ذكر شروط تعدد الزوجات ، والتي قد يصعب تطبيقها

الآن ، ما هي الظروف التي من شأنها إضفاء الشرعية على تعدد الزوجات ، إسلامياً؟

بالتأكيد ، الأجوبة مقيدة على المسلمين والمؤمنين ، الذين يلتزمون بالرموز والمناهج الإسلامية ،السلوك المسلم المتزن و اللائق ، والالتزام الشخصي والاندماج الاجتماعي

أولاً: المرض المُقعد

الزوجة الحبيبة المسلمة ، قد تعاني من مرض خطير أو مُقعد ، والذي يكون عقبة لها في ممارسة حياتها الطبيعية وسائر الأنشطة البدنية والمنزلية ,ايضاً الجنسية. حينها ، يعاني زوجها وأطفالها من فقدان الأم والزوجة والمنزل على حد سواء. ولذا ، يمكن للزوجة الثانية أن تساهم في استعادة والحفاظ على الحياة العائلية الطبيعية. وعلى التوازي ؛ فان الإسلام قد منح المرأة الحق التفضيلي في طلب الطلاق ؛ إذا كان زوجها غير لائق طبياً أو صحياً ، مم قد يجلب الاضطراب والتدهور على واجباته كرب للأسرة وراعي لها

ثانياً: العقم

شرعاً اسلامياً ؛ فان انجاب وتربية الأطفال هو الغرض الرئيسي من الزواج. الزوجة الحبيبة المسلمة قد تعاني من العقم ، ويرجع ذلك إلى أسباب ربما طبيعية أو مستحدثة. هذا من شأنه أن يبرر الزوجة الثانية ، التي يمكنها أن تنجب مسلمين جدد وأصحاء ، وقد يمكن للزوجتين المشاركة في تربية الأطفال ، كمسلمون رائعون. وعلى التوازي ؛ فان الإسلام قد منح المرأة الحق التفضيلي في طلب الطلاق ، إذا ثبت زوجها عقيم أو غير قادر جنسياً

 ثالثاً: تأنث المجتمع

لمواجهة الزيادة الاختلالية في عدد الاناث داخل المجتمع المسلم ، والتي قد تحدث لأسباب عدة ، مثل الصراعات المسلحة ، والأوبئة ، أو معدلات المواليد غير المتوازنة ، فان تجاهل الحاجات الطبيعية والنفسية والبدنية للإناث غير المتزوجات قد يدفع بهن إلى علاقات أو تصرفات غير سوية. ان الرغبة الجنسية هي أداة مزدوجة وخطرة ، ومن شأنها في حال الاختلال أن تهدم العبادة والايمان ؛ ولذا ، فإن تشريع الحصول على زوجة ثانية (أو أكثر) سوف يؤدي الى تأمين الاستقرار في كل من المجتمع والعقيدة

رابعاً: التكافل المشرف

أرملة فقيرة ومسلمة ، مع أو بدون أطفال ، التي تفتقر الى الدعم بعد خسارة زوجها ، ليس لديها أقارب أو موارد أو دعم المؤسسات الخيرية لمواصلة حياتها بشكل مشرف ومأمون ، فإنها تكون عرضة للتداول عبر وسائط الشر والكسب الغير مشروع. لذا ، فإن الاحسان اليها بوصفها زوجة ثانية ، سوف يشرفها ويعزيز إيمانها. مثل هذا الموقف له آثار إيجابية كثيرة على الأفراد والأسر والمجتمع كذلك.

 الأشكال الأخرى من العلاقات مع النساء غير قابلة للتطبيق من الناحية التاريخية أو غير مقبولة أخلاقيا ؛ مثل أسرى الحرب الإناث ، و الإناث العبيد ، و عشيقات أو طبقة الحريم الشهيرة

لعل هذا قد أوضح ، ببساطة ، معنى تعدد الزوجات اسلامياً

أتطلع للمناقشة

  1. Islam is a complete religion, and religion of Allah so everything is perfect in it.


  2. adilsud says:


    Matrimony is the most sacred practice of Mankind.. Despite the notions of breading, mating or intimacy, true mystery of matrimony is only known by Aallh swt.. Therefore, addressing all related issues had to provision for the unknown aggregates and the non-comprehended details..!

    During the last couple of decades; the matter of (Polygany) had got lots of debates and noises.. The active Muslims, particularly in the Western hemisphere; had inevitably brought the subject for open discussions and research.. However, (Polygamy) is wrongly and widely used as a term; which means multiple spouses for a single mate, regardless of the sex.. Most dictionaries don’t address the true term (Polygany), defining the multiple females for a single male spouse.. Muslim, Mormons, some other Christians, some indigenous people in Africa already acknowledge (Polygany) as a lawful matrimony practice.. Notably, most of the living species practice (Polygany) in some way or another..!

    Polygany is not odd, nor norm.. It is not compulsory nor discretionary.. Polygany is spontaneous rather than rationale.. It is a simple application to promote, support and celebrate the livelihood.. The overwhelming discussions would only develop discomfort and confusion over an application that is related to circumstances, capabilities and taste.. Regretfully, most enthusiastic ones would find themselves either lack supporting rationales or been heavily scrutinized by the monogamists.. Thus, the whole Islamic belief is unintentionally reduced to relevant details on housing, socialization and mating..!

    The link below was my conclusion of an intensive research; which had avoided the use of the Quranic verses, but explored the true Islamic context.. Certainly, the (few) associated conditions with (Polygany) are widely ignored; and often replaced by material resourcefulness.. The majority of the polyganous practices certify disgraceful episodes of unspoken domestic abuse, unrest and sometimes violence.. This injustice would never interpret or serve Islam or Muslims..!

    The true context would define (Polygany) as a progressive tool to enhance and empower the Muslim family; and the Muslim Community.. The least added values would be physiological relief and psychological comfort; which would affect both parties.. The optimum added values would be social sustainability, demographic strength and political immunity..!

    Certainly (Polygany) is affiliated to acceptable level of bread-earning resources; in order to reasonably host two families or more.. Sharing a husband is not associated with sharing a house or any other facilities.. Muslims are religiously advised (by Quran and Sunnah) to mind their way of doing things, and avoid challenging their own selves..!

    or on this blog:



  3. adilsud says:

    Muslim Matrimony is always public, someway or another.. Therefore, when a woman offers herself to be propriety of a man; it is an expression of love, respect or need.. Actually; she either aggressively persuading him to marry her.. or shamelessly declaring been irrevocably and irreversibly his life-time-maid (or a voluntary slave in this context).. A man (embarrassedly or uncontrolledly) may accept any of these two scenarios..

    The 2nd seems irrational or unpractical in today’s world, yet stills a probability; despite how is practiced in the remote Muslim villages of Sub-Continent and Sub-Sahara..

    Therefore, it is all about the 1st scenario, which in our Today’s Muslim World; would mean her choice to marry him “without a guardian’s consent or a dowry”.. Yet; witnesses would be there.. This is not a propriety nor a voluntary slavery.. It is just another form of marriage..



  4. adilsud says:

    Basically, the misconceptions between Polygamy and Polygany are considerably great.. This would describe the greatness of both epistemic divide and intellectual spiral as well.. It was notable that the general public can’t absorb the different terminologies, and accept what the media had accustomed for; which would shake the religious content and faith.. Thought-Leaders are generally short to understand and adequately comprehend or react..



  5. imam abdul azeez says:

    Allah has set boundaries with all things and yes it is the right of the male to maintain 4 wives. Is it easy? No and that’s where the problem is. Many people will tell these horrible stories about muslims having wives,more than one, but they have taken the easy route no contract for the sister and no maitainence so the sisters who bare their children go on public assistance. Everyone is at fault the one who married them without a contract the one getting married and the sister for accepting it. Did Allah not say ; maintain your obligations? 5:1


    • adilsud says:

      Marriage should not be taken forward without substantial maturity.. It is not a matter of resources or physical attributes, but understanding both duties and liabilities attached to it.. Unfortunately, many with rebellious manners had attempted marriages without the necessary credits of knowledge or capabilities.. Therefore, mostly terribly failed.. This is then the liability of the civic order that permitted the knot..
      This is principle, regardless how many wives are involved.. The Muslim community should work closely to set criteria for matrimonial acknowledgement; to safe guard its members, females and males.. and the potential kids as well..


  6. adilsud says:

    Matrimony is the most sacred practice of Mankind.. Despite the notions of breading, mating or intimacy, true mystery of matrimony is only known by Aallh swt.. Therefore, addressing all related issues had to provision for the unknown aggregates and the non-comprehended details..!



  7. adilsud says:

    Are men hardwired to cheat?
    A new book says men are naturally unfaithful, but how true is it?

    In The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love and the Reality of Cheating, American sociologist Eric Anderson claims that modern Western culture goes against the grain of innate male sexual behaviour.

    Left to their own devices, men would become sexually bored with new partners after a maximum of two years, and would seek new sexual experiences throughout their lives. Social convention and religion stop many of us doing what comes naturally.

    Anderson concludes that men’s need for sexual novelty should be accepted, and that open marriages are the best solution for all concerned.

    So does Anderson have it right? Are men unfaithful by nature? MSN Him takes a look at the evidence.



  8. adilsud says:

    Principle Voices–Mission Statement:

    Principle Voices is a non-profit (pending 501c3 status) education and advocacy organization. Our mission is to (1) educate others about polygamous families and their culture, to (2) encourage empowerment of individuals and families from the polygamous culture, and to (3) provide crisis referrals and response to those in the culture.



  9. adilsud says:

    Thanks Nizar for your support…
    My extensive research on the subject meant to summarize it, apart from the common phrases and usage of Quran verses or Hadeerth quotes.. Trying to approach the matter from intellectual point of view and examine it against all possible aspects and implications.. Yes, our ancestors had never found a problem with the practice, and many still do, yet it is need to hi-light two issues:
    First; The practice was usually seen as condemn to the 1st wife, for some sort of feminine deficiency, with no great debate except jealousy and frustration. This usually cooled down by time subject to how just the husband is.
    Second; Generations since 1960th were fed with mono-spouse culture, which was imported from Christian-dominated societies. This had turned the practice into criminal act, despite the religious ruling (refer to Tunisia and lately Egypt).
    What really makes me feel sad, that a new trend associated with the multiple socio economic crisis in the Arab world, had encouraged many young women to accept the practice in covert manner, as if wrongdoing. This trend is expanding, and certainly will complicate the social order rather than stabilize it.


  10. Nizar Zeidan says:

    Hey Thanks Adil,

    I have always thought about this interesting debatable topic, and your insightful research has shed some light on this. Looking forward to your valuable contributions on such subjects.



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