If there is a “Poor” person within the Muslim territories; it means there are some ones who are not “Offering or Observing” their religious duties..!!

This was an authentic phrase by an early Muslim, whom I do not recall his name..

However, it fits the Islamic economic theory that denounces “Gap of Resources”.. As Allah swt grants providing all sufficient resources to all creations, subject to their endeavor (or strive) to get it..

On State level, the “Public Endowment Trust” would take care of all the needy along the critical public needs (Food, Shelter, Healthcare, Public Service and Army)..

On Personal level, the compulsory 0.1% “Zakat or Regulated Charity” would reach whom the system cannot reach, as it can be managed personally or publically..

A Volunteer third tool; which sets no limits for “Sadaqah or Volunteer Charity”, when people can give away beyond the formal code.. This is what now is called (Impact Investors..)

I prefer to call the Islamic economic structure as a “CSR Based Classical Capitalism”
All citizens, regardless of their religions  within the Muslim Territories are privileged to be supported by the three levels of the Islamic Anti Poverty Structure..(unless they have a mutiny against the Muslim state)..

This is not an exaggeration, but the true Islamic Code; which regretfully many Muslims ignore..!!!!!!

  1. adilsud says:

    قَالَ عَبْدُ اللَّهِ بْنُ عُمَرَ : اشْتَرَيْتُ إِبِلاً وَارْتَجَعْتُهَا إِلَى الْحِمَى فَلَمَّا سَمِنَتْ قَدِمْتُ بِهَا قَالَ : فَدَخَلَ عُمَرُ بْنُ الْخَطَّابِ رَضِىَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ السُّوقَ فَرَأَى إِبِلاً سِمَانًا فَقَالَ : لِمَنْ هَذِهِ الإِبِلُ؟ قِيلَ : لِعَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ عُمَرَ قَالَ فَجَعَلَ يَقُولُ : يَا عَبْدَ اللَّهِ بْنَ عُمَرَ بَخٍ بَخٍ ابْنَ أَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ قَالَ فَجِئْتُهُ أَسْعَى فَقُلْتُ : مَا لَكَ يَا أَمِيرَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ قَالَ : مَا هَذِهِ الإِبِلُ؟ قَالَ قُلْتُ : إِبِلٌ أَنْضَاءٌ (هزيلة) اشْتَرَيْتُهَا وَبَعَثْتُ بِهَا إِلَى الْحِمَى أَبْتَغِى مَا يَبْتَغِى الْمُسْلِمُونَ قَالَ فَقَالَ : ارْعُوا إِبِلَ ابْنِ أَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ اسْقُوا إِبِلَ ابْنِ أَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ يَا عَبْدَ اللَّهِ بْنَ عُمَرَ اغْدُ عَلَى رَأْسِ مَالِكَ وَاجْعَلْ بَاقِيَهُ فِى بَيْتِ مَالِ الْمُسْلِمِينَ.
    [السنن الكبرى للبيهقي]


  2. adilsud says:

    “Halal” is the most dramatic commercial brand in the last 50 years. It had been invented by some Muslims who were came to touch the famous “Kosher” brand in the USA, and worked in 1970th to establish a regulating body on the lawful Islamic food and nutrition..

    The Malaysians had empowered the concept with lots of practical attempts on both Governmental and Private sectors. Luckily, their political environment had inspired and strengthen that endeavor. Regretfully, Muslim could not unify their powers and activities to globalize the brand as how it should be. After the many years since 1975, there are many formal, informal, and unlawful bodies that falsely or truly regulate the Shariah-compliance of foods and nutrition. There is no unified organization among them, nor a media of collaboration. It seems as reflection of the general Muslims’ state of political mind..!

    I think “Halal” is not only about food and beverages; but is about the whole Islamic styles and way of life. This is how Muslims should look to it and visualize the world through. Halal is there in every aspect of Muslim life; Fashion, Interiors, Accessories and Entertainment. Halal is not superficial trends, but intellectual and philosophical as well. I am not calling for religious state of government, but a religious state of mind.. You can exercise all aspects of life knowing the parameters of the endless Islamic applications; then it is your choice which to follow or not..

    We need to set a demise between Shariah compulsories and Halal.. Not all Halal are a must to do.. For an example, it is a Shariah-compulsory for a family to have a controlled-space called home.. a tent, a hut or a house; while it is halal to have separate spaces within for Parents, Daughters and Sons.. More than 50% of Muslim families worldwide; are sharing one, extremely poor and single space..!! They are faithful yet poor Muslims, who cannot afford the Halal definition of housing..!

    This is a matter of intellectual taste, not a hysterical strife between Paradise and Hell..! Unless Muslim generate the sensible concept of Halal, they will continue staying ages beyond the famous, yet only slaughter-focused “Kosher”.. We have a serious problem of sufficient Muslim visionaries and intellectual religious-aware yet civic or political leaders..!!

    Thanks to Osman Uudeh, who had inspired me with the concept..


  3. adilsud says:

    The Islamic Code: a Man, a Bit and a Dog

    Once upon a time in Qurish (The dwellings of old Makkah), Omar bin Obeid-Allah bin Muammar (a wealthy Muslim merchant) had walked by a black man seating and eating at the shade of a wall. The man had a dog in his hands. Whenever he eats a bit; he threw another to the dog.

    Omar asked him: Is this dog yours?
    He replied: No.
    Then, Omar asked again: why you feed him, such as what you eat?
    He replied: I am ashamed from who has eyes with a look at my flipped food without him.
    Omar asked again: Are you a Free-Man or a Slave?
    He replied: A slave of Asim’s, a known family in Qurish.

    Omar went to their club and bought both the Slave and dwelling of the wall, and then came back to black man accompanied with his old Master to close the deal.
    Once done; Omar said: O’ Brother, I set you free for the sake of Allah swt..
    He replied: Praise is to Allah swt alone, and then to who emancipated me..
    Omar said: Also, this is the dwelling is also yours..
    He replied: Be witness that it is endowed on the City’s poor people..
    Omar astonishingly asked: Why to do this while you are in need?
    He said: I am ashamed that Allah swt grants me goodness I do not share it with others.

    This is how early Muslims understood, implement and spread Islam..!

    This was my translation, hope correct
    The Original Arabic Text

    مر عمر بن عبيد الله بن معمر بزنجي يأكل عند حائط وبين يديه كلب، فكان الزنجي إذا أكل لقمة رمى بلقمة إلى الكلب، فقال له: أهذا الكلب لك؟ فقال: لا، قال: فلمَ تطعمه مثل ما تأكل؟ قال: إني أستحي من ذي عينين ينظر إلي أن أستبد بمأكول دونه، فقال له: أحرٌ أنت أم عبد؟ قال: عبد لبعض بني عاصم، فجاء إليهم في ناديهم فاشتراه واشترى الحائط، ثم جاء إليه فقال: أعلمت أن الله أعتقك؟ فقال: الحمد لله وحده، ولمن أعتقني بعد…ه، قال: وهذا الحائط لك، قال: أشهدك أنه وقفٌ على فقراء المدينة، قال: ويحك تفعل هذا مع حاجتك؟ فقال: إني أستحي من الله أن يجود لي بشيء فأبخل به عليه.


  4. adilsud says:

    The Problem is the Reader

    On the day a Federal District Court judge told the would-be Times Square bomber that she hoped he would spend his life sentence thinking about whether “the Koran wants you to kill lots of people,” Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan took the stage at the 92nd Street Y to debate the question, “Is Islam a religion of peace?”

    Neither man liked the question.“This is not the right question to ask,” Ramadan said in his opening remarks. “It doesn’t mean anything.” It didn’t mean anything when George W. Bush called Islam a religion of peace, said the Swiss scholar, barred by the Bush administration from entering the United States on anti-terrorism grounds in 2004.

    The right question, he said is “do we have something helping us toward peace?” Ramadan seemed to be saying that Islam served that purpose, though he never said so outright. “The Koran is the word of God,” he said. “The problem is not the book. The problem is the reader.”

    Full Coverage:

    Adil’s Note: It was interesting to trace allegations and comments from a famous Atheist on Islam.. I was offended when he described Quran as “Laughable..” but I had carefully followed his equal attacks on religions and religious beliefs.. Maybe he found his own peace upon his recent death.. or Maybe as collectively agreed by all religions, suffers his “intellect” denial..

    Full Article:


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