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In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate and most Merciful

Salaam Allah; and His Mercy to All of You

Salaam is not only Peace, as widely circulated and understood.. Salaam is a holy name of Allah swt.. Salaam means the coherence of balanced and contented being which affects all surroundings and attachments; towards both sought blessed destinies and bright righteous path


There are three purposes for the intellectual creations to adhere to:
Worshiping the Creator swt,
Purifying one’s self from non-divinely attributes, and
Colonization and utilizing of Earth..


P.S.; All contents are defensible by authentic Islamic referrals; Quran, Hadith, Sahaba’s quotes, etc.. Hopefully, those of old schools would avoid misunderstanding the logic behind such endeavor..

Believing in the shared knowledge, and the great contributions from early Muslims in structuring the Humane Civilization; I shall invest my efforts and the time I can; to translate the Arabic scripts into English one..

This is the true barrier between Muslims and the Others..!

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Adil Mahgoub Abdalla


Your comments and shared views will enhance the intellectual conclusion aimed for.. So, kindly spare a moment to say something..

Thanks in advance..


 زدني بفرط الحب فيك تحيرا، وأرحم حشا بلظى هواك تسعرا
وإذا سألتك أن أراك حقيقة فاسمح، ولا تجعل جوابك لن ترى

قال الإمام على بن أبى طالب رضى الله عنه
ان الله تعالى يتجلى للذاكرين عند الذكر وتلاوة القرآن ولا يرونه لأنه أعز من أن يرى وأظهر من أن يخفى , فتفردوا بالله عز وجل واستأنسوا بذكره
Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face, said
Allah swt would be observed at the Zhikr (remembrance) and at Quran reciting; yet Allah swt is Honorable to be seen, yet Obvious to be hidden.. Therefore; feel close when you do and enjoy His remembrance



(Syed) Mohammad..!

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فمبلغ العلم فيه أنه بشر .. وإنه خير خلق الله كلهم

The utmost knowledge tells He is a Human Being
Yet the Utmost Best creation ever..!!

Be the Da’wah

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Quran & Science

Posted: November 29, 2016 in Muslim Views

Shariah Compliant Whipping

Posted: November 19, 2016 in Muslim Views


It is not the typical stereotyping scenes of violent whipping as circulated on all media.. Despite we can’t debate if such punishment is right or wrong, as each epistemic system has its own forms of rewards and punishment.. Despite the dominance of concurrent formal culture of tolerance, or so-called pro-life.. At Muslim South East Asian communities, the practice is totally different and Humane..

In Islam, Whipping is thoroughly symbolic rather than traumatic.. Yet, enthusiastic radicals had advocated deformed applications and ignorant justifications.. ironically, a group within Islamic Shabbab of Somalia applies the same.. on the other hand, many Muslim states ignore the application as outdated and unjustified..

I think a second yet not politically driven assessment of such punishment will reveal a lot about not only substances of the true Islamic system, but also it’s sustainability, strength and convenience..

Islam & Politics..

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A ninety-five year old Muslim man from Russia explained how the ʿUlamā (Muslims scholars) of Russia taught the Qurʼān during the days of communism. He was twenty-five years of age when the execution and oppression of the Muslims commenced and he witnessed the entire period.

He explains: “We used to construct large homes with an open hall in the centre. On all sides of this hall, we would build sound-proof chambers. There was a secret door, leading out of the hall towards these chambers, where we would place a show-case displaying bottles of liquor. We would place portraits of Lenin and others, a television screen and other such obscene items close to the wall where the secret door was situated.

Whenever the police arrived and searched the house, they would find nothing. They would notice the liquor bottles and assume that the residentsʼ beliefs and ideologies were in conformity with their own. They would leave, satisfied, but deceived by what they had observed. Little did they realise, that just a few meters away from those bottles of liquor, were young innocent children reciting the Qurʼān. We would lock ourselves up in those chambers for six months at a time, teaching our young children how to recite the Qurʼān. The Ṣaḥīh Bukhārī was taught there as well. Beyond the confines of those chambers, the black winds of communism were blowing unabatedly, but within, the words of Allāh and His Nabī (peace and blessings be upon him) were being recited and memorised.”

May Allāh reward the ʿUlamā of Islam for their supreme sacrifices and dedication in preserving the faith of the Muslims in areas of oppression and injustice. Their invaluable contribution should inspire Muslims to remain dedicated to Islamic teachings during difficult times.

Source: Pearls from the Path – Fascinating Anecdotes From Islamic History – Volume 2 – Compiled by Moulana Afzal Ismail

Child Marriage in India

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Nearly 12 million Indian children were married before the age of 10 years–84% of them Hindu and 11% Muslim–reveals an IndiaSpend analysis of recently released census data.

To put it in context, this number is equivalent to Jammu & Kashmir’s population.

As many of 7.84 million (65%) married children were female, reinforcing the fact that girls are significantly more disadvantaged; eight in 10 illiterate children who were married were also girls.