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In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate and most Merciful

Salaam Allah; and His Mercy to All of You

Salaam is not only Peace, as widely circulated and understood.. Salaam is a holy name of Allah swt.. Salaam means the coherence of balanced and contented being which affects all surroundings and attachments; towards both sought blessed destinies and bright righteous path


There are three purposes for the intellectual creations to adhere to:
Worshiping the Creator swt,
Purifying one’s self from non-divinely attributes, and
Colonization and utilizing of Earth..


P.S.; All contents are defensible by authentic Islamic referrals; Quran, Hadith, Sahaba’s quotes, etc.. Hopefully, those of old schools would avoid misunderstanding the logic behind such endeavor..

Believing in the shared knowledge, and the great contributions from early Muslims in structuring the Humane Civilization; I shall invest my efforts and the time I can; to translate the Arabic scripts into English one..

This is the true barrier between Muslims and the Others..!

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Adil Mahgoub Abdalla


Your comments and shared views will enhance the intellectual conclusion aimed for.. So, kindly spare a moment to say something..

Thanks in advance..



 زدني بفرط الحب فيك تحيرا، وأرحم حشا بلظى هواك تسعرا
وإذا سألتك أن أراك حقيقة فاسمح، ولا تجعل جوابك لن ترى

قال الإمام على بن أبى طالب رضى الله عنه
ان الله تعالى يتجلى للذاكرين عند الذكر وتلاوة القرآن ولا يرونه لأنه أعز من أن يرى وأظهر من أن يخفى , فتفردوا بالله عز وجل واستأنسوا بذكره
Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face, said
Allah swt would be observed at the Zhikr (remembrance) and at Quran reciting; yet Allah swt is Honorable to be seen, yet Obvious to be hidden.. Therefore; feel close when you do and enjoy His remembrance

Child Marriage in India

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Nearly 12 million Indian children were married before the age of 10 years–84% of them Hindu and 11% Muslim–reveals an IndiaSpend analysis of recently released census data.

To put it in context, this number is equivalent to Jammu & Kashmir’s population.

As many of 7.84 million (65%) married children were female, reinforcing the fact that girls are significantly more disadvantaged; eight in 10 illiterate children who were married were also girls.

Image result for mixed men and women prayer in egypt

Only now in Egypt .. and as usual soon in many other countries ..
Unfortunately, the supporters of political Islam claim that the phenomenon of multi-gender prayer had invented after been driven from powers at Egypt.. As usual, the fallacy of history is some of their tactics.. They know very well that people forgot the events by time.. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood had created “Square of Mustafa Mahmoud’s Mosque” ..
That famous Square have seen this mixed prayer for several years ago, where this arena has become a stronghold of every misleading and fallacies religious slurs.. led by some “Minimis” who had read some of the yellow books, deliberated some of views of anarchism, and learned from some repeated opinions of ignorant religious politicians ..

Thus they invented the mixed prayer, which was exploited by a funny group in the United States, then re-exported to Egypt as a symbol of modernity and modernity in Islam ..

It seems that those who claim as Arabic literates, especially in Egypt, have to take a positive attitude towards restricting the festivals at the arena of an honorable scientist and writer, who if he would known the future; he would change his mind about building an innovative multipurpose mosque .. Instead of being a beacon of Science and Faith, it has become a breeding ground for ignorance, chaos and disorientation ..

فقط الآن في مصر.. وكالعادة قريباً في عديد من البلدان الآخرى
للأسف يتداول أنصار الاسلام السياسي أن الاختلاط في الصلاة ظاهرة أتت بعد طردهم من سدة الحكم ، وكالعادة فان مغالطة التاريخ هي بعض من مبادئهم.. هم يعلمون جيداً أن الناس تنسى الأحداث مع التقادم.. إخوان مصر هم من صنعوا ظاهرة ساحة مصطفى محمود
ساحة جامع مصطفى محمود الشهيرة قد شهدت هذا الاختلاط منذ عدة سنوات ، حيث أصبحت هذه الساحة معقل كل المخالطات والمغالطات والإفتراءات الدينية.. يقودها بعض ” الروبيضات” ممن قرأوا بعض الكتب الصفراء ، وتداولوا بعض الآراء الفوضوية ، وتعلموا من بعض معتادي الفتوى من جهلاء الاسلام السياسي
هكذا تم ابتداع الصلاة المختلطة ، لكي تتلقفها مجموعة شاذة في الولايات المتحدة ، ثم ليعاد تصديرها الى مصر باعتبارها رمز الحداثة والعصرنة في الاسلام
يبدو أن على من يدّعون الثقافة من متحدثي العربية ، وخاصة في مصر ، أن يتخذوا موقفا ايجابياً نحو تقييد الفاعليات في ساحة العالم الأديب الجليل ، الذي لو كان يعلم المستقبل لما سعى لبناء مسجده هذا في موقعه هذا.. فبدلاً من أن يكون مناراً للعلم والإيمان ، صار مرتعاً للجهل والتيه والتوهان

Islam is Peace

Juan Cole is the Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan and the 2016 Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South at The John W. Kluge Center. The author or editor of more than 10 books on the Middle East, at the Library of Congress he is researching a forthcoming book project titled, “The Idea of Peace in the Qur’an.”

Despite the few irregularities with standard Islamic philosophy, the framework is appreciated and praised.. “Peaceful” Islam is widely and typically lost in translation, even among contemporary Arab-Speakers, who generally can’t taste, realize or explain the true depth of a nomadic language that was based on oral, symbolic and closed-epistemic-environment..

Adding to this few Arabic-Characteristics, which make both translation an interpretation a tough task, not only by insufficient bilingual Islamic-academics, but also by the tricky linguistic nature of poetry and plural definitions.. 


Pls; Break the Fast…

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Everyday Africa's photo.

The less you have to donate.. The bigger the reward to gain…!
However, the hairy demise between “Muslim Brotherhood” mindset, and authentic “Love-based” Islam can be easily threatened..!!
Be aware…………..

The mood at “break the fast” time during Ramadan in Dakar is so fabulous. At around 7:40, Muslims can drink and eat for the first time all day. Baye Falls, a group of disciples who follow leaders of Senegal’s Muslim brotherhoods, handout bread and Cafe Touba to taxi drivers and people passing in cars – anyone and everyone – at this time. “People are in their way home from work and they might live in a suburb far away, so it might take a while to get home and finally eat,” one Baye Fall said. The food and drink are free, made with donations they gather throughout the day. When I passed by a couple days ago they tried to hand me some Cafe Touba, and I told them no thanks as I hadn’t fasted. “It doesn’t matter if you didn’t fast!” they said. Photo by Ricci Shryock @ricci_s ‪#‎everydayafrica‬ ‪#‎everydayeverywhere‬ ‪#‎dakarlives‬ ‪#‎muslims‬ ‪#‎senegal‬‪#‎ricci_s‬

A recent gathering of Muslim NYPD cops revealed how in the face of bigotry we can still find what makes America special.

The good of Islam shone only brighter as the last light of the longest day of the year dimmed.

The moment was coming when the assembled members of the NYPD Muslim Officers Society would break their fast for Ramadan.

This room on the fifth floor of the New York University Islamic Center could have almost been designed for the society’s annual Iftar dinner. A wall of windows to the right looked west to where that the sun was setting beyond the buildings of lower Manhattan.  An identical wall of windows at the front offered a due south view of the Freedom Tower, glinting golden in its skyward soar 20 blocks directly downtown. The sight was so gorgeous as to make you almost forget the absence where the twin towers once stood.


Buses featuring an Arabic phrase ‘Subhan Allah’ which translates as ‘Glory to Allah’ would run across the streets of London in order to raise awareness during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to Express, hundreds of buses across Britian would carry the phrase ‘Subhan Allah,’ as part of a campaign by a charity Islamic Relief. The charity organization states that the posters would help raise funds for victims of war and disasters in countries such as Syria, and would also portray Islam in a positive light.

“There is a lot of negativity around Muslims. We want to change the perception of Islam. The campaign is about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions,” said Islamic Relief’s UK Director, Imran Madden.

As per BT, Subhan Allah would most prominently be featured on buses in the city of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Leicester. “We want to celebrate the fact that extreme poverty has been halved and give thanks for the opportunity that Ramadan provides to give generously in support of people in need,” said Madden.

Madden added, “In a sense this could be called a climate change campaign because we want to change the negative climate around international aid and around the Muslim community in this country.”

The advertisements will feature on 180 London buses from May 23 just ahead of Ramadan, which falls between June 6 and July 7.