Illusion of Love..

  The photos of the Gay Parents went viral, while they embrace their new-born baby.. Commentators had glorified the unprecedented moment; praised love as a universal value cross all cultures, regions and genders.. A media celebration, that had engaged most known and unknown channels, specially the social media.. The photographer had reserved her seat in the new... Continue Reading →


Please Circulate Let's Change the Wrongdoing They Shame All Muslims They Have No Excuse, But Being Psycho Animals   40 years ago, when modern terrorism was born, activists were of my age group.. They were mostly torn with socioeconomic deprivation and stresses.. They were either unable to date, own humble gadgets, or balance new arriving... Continue Reading →

Jihad Money

Good to know.. then plan forward for your own life..!! ISIS (ISIL) gained control of the $429 million Taliban has between $70 and $400 million Hezbollah has between $200 and $500 million FARC has between $80 to $350 million... Hamas’s budget as $70 million al-Shabaab’s has between $70 and $100 al Qaeda’s annual budget was... Continue Reading →


(Kazan, Capital of Tatarstan : Tatars were the most-named nomads) Art, Law, Mathematics and Chemistry are the epistemic pillars.. Order, Enterprise, Architecture and Aesthetics are threshold or urbanity.. Where we are..? Then; who we are..!! الفن والقانون والرياضيات والكيمياء هم الأعمدة الأربعة للمعرفة الانسانية النسق والمبادرة والعمارة والجماليات هم الفاصل بين التحضر والبداوة أين نقع... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan GDP Loses..!

  It is a serious issue, which none of Islamic scholars, economists or politicians dare to address, despite how it is disturbing to Muslim communities and economy.. As a ritual, it is tight to work around it; yet the lack of any innovative or creative solutions is the true threat and blockage.. People are born to... Continue Reading →

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Reflections on sustainable development in Arab cities | خواطر حول التنمية المستدامة في مدننا

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Billy Gambéla ጋምበላ ። Afri-Asiatic Anthropology Blog.

Ancestral Origins of My Parents Lineage via' Y-DNA/MtDNA *KUSH/KMT* "Sudan-Nubia" Egypt" North Africa "and "Indigenous North American"




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Peter Turchin

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Tourism & hospitality in Scotland - whisky, food, wine & golf on Scotland's Golf Coast

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BE551: The Contemporary Built Environment, Fall 2011, Instructor: Vikramāditya Prakāsh

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