Amputated Tafseer

It is not only pathetic how such claimant guys deviate, but how their public followers are further sunk in confusion and mislead.. Therefore, it was often repeated in Quran and Hadith warning on following outspoken ones, without proper investigation or accreditation of their authority to guide and lead.. This is why, exodus of European Muslims... Continue Reading →

The Kid-Imam Joke..

 AMMAN - A nine-year-old Imam has fascinated worshippers during last Friday's prayer at a mosque in Jordan where hundreds of Jordanian Muslims flocked to the mosque to attend his sermon, Emirates 24/7 reported on Monday, December 9. "Allah granted me the gift of memorizing the holy Qur’an,” Anas Al Shatti, 9, told Arabic language Al... Continue Reading →

Moral Fitness

From Humans of New York's photo: “We were a two career family. I was a nuclear engineer. I designed shields for the fuel reactors on the first nuclear submarines. He was a carpenter.” This resembles sociocultural facts that divide West from East.. A carpenter male married a nuclear engineer female.. Then 50 years later, they... Continue Reading →

Doing Business..

  My generation had raised on the funny images of Mr. Scrooge McDuck, who loves money and enjoy piling coins and banknotes.. On parallel, Branches of business brands were few, and mostly the one supported by government to distribute commodities and critical goods.. The grocery store next to my house had enjoyed good revenues due to... Continue Reading →

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Culture générale

المعرفة سر النجاح

The Green Urbanista

Reflections on sustainable development in Arab cities | خواطر حول التنمية المستدامة في مدننا

Organize your Industry!

Billy Gambéla ጋምበላ ። Afri-Asiatic Anthropology Blog.

Ancestral Origins of My Parents Lineage via' Y-DNA/MtDNA *KUSH/KMT* "Sudan-Nubia" Egypt" North Africa "and "Indigenous North American"




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Living It Green™

Live Abundantly Green™

Classic Planning Institute Blog

Learning by Doing and Doing While Learning

Heritage & Conserve

By Adil Abdalla: A Diverse Preservation Journey to Explore Epistemia of Humane Civilization - This webpage has no commercial intent or use; and information, data, photos are posted for the public good - in case of objection or copyrights protection; kindly send a note to be immediately terminated; with no offense.

Urban Projectization

Governance | Urbanity | Projects


An experiment in shared learning at the join of sustainability and innovation.

Planning Tank

Information resources for students, professionals, academicians and, anyone interested in Urban Planning, Environment, Academic Writing, Data and GIS.

Peter Turchin

Peter Turchin

David Cockerton

Tourism & hospitality in Scotland - whisky, food, wine & golf on Scotland's Golf Coast

Charting Transport

Looking at transport through graphs and maps


BE551: The Contemporary Built Environment, Fall 2011, Instructor: Vikramāditya Prakāsh

الإمام الدكتور على جمعة مفتى الديار المصرية

نافذة على علم فضيلة الدكتور على جمعة مفتى الديار المصرية حفظه الله