The best gift, a daughter could give..

Almost every girl dreams of her big day. Right from the dress to the ceremony to the first dance, many future brides have it all planned. For this young woman, however, the perfect wedding involved none of this - all it needed to be beautiful was her father's presence. Lisa Wilson found out that her... Continue Reading →

The Simplicity of Oneness (Tawheed)

This is an amazing lesson for all preachers.. It is not a matter to convince minds, but to penetrate the hearts, apart from all interruptions of daily hectic life.. How to simply communicate and establish a consensus, which everyone has it already in the depth of the heart.. Maybe I do not care much of... Continue Reading →

Hijab Project..

A headscarf shows less, but reveals more — as Cassidy Herrington found out when she donned one for a project.HILTON ALS, AN AFRICAN AMERICAN writer, says our worldview and sense of ‘otherness’ is created in our mother’s lap. Mother’s lap is protective and familiar. Leaving this worldview can be uncomfortable, but I can assure you... Continue Reading →

The End of Uighur..!

The strategy, policies and implementations carried out by the Chinese Authorities against the Tibetan were slowly successful; yet promising with greater score in the coming years due to the fewer cultural barriers.. The same policies will not be immediately successful with the Uighur, due to the great culture, religious and ethnic barriers.. Yet, the risk on those... Continue Reading →

Beyond Religion…!

 99-Year-Old Woman Sews a Dress Every Day for Children in AfricaPosted by katie hosmer on August 23, 2014   99-year-old Lillian Weber has a generous heart and sewing hands that just won't stop. The Iowa-based woman spends hours every single day making a dress for small children who receive the clothing through the Christian nonprofit group Little... Continue Reading →

The Cape Malays

I had participated in an interesting discussion, not only on that exposure of South African Muslim history (Particularly in Cape Town), but as I could dive further in the Arabic heritage within.. However, the sequence confirms my research on the contemporary Muslim world, and the roots that led to concurrent deviation, confusion and extremism as well.. The... Continue Reading →

BAth or Shower..?

This was a 4 years old post.. Bathtubs are one of the unquestioned demise between Eastern and Western cultures..!! They both share the religious plunge, yet for one it turned into a daily practice, while for the other it became an objective one.. Western cultures had generally been built up in watery environments; where lakes, rivers... Continue Reading →

Jihad Money

Good to know.. then plan forward for your own life..!! ISIS (ISIL) gained control of the $429 million Taliban has between $70 and $400 million Hezbollah has between $200 and $500 million FARC has between $80 to $350 million... Hamas’s budget as $70 million al-Shabaab’s has between $70 and $100 al Qaeda’s annual budget was... Continue Reading →

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