The End of Uighur..!

The strategy, policies and implementations carried out by the Chinese Authorities against the Tibetan were slowly successful; yet promising with greater score in the coming years due to the fewer cultural barriers.. The same policies will not be immediately successful with the Uighur, due to the great culture, religious and ethnic barriers.. Yet, the risk on those... Continue Reading →

The Collided Judiciary Systems

Decades earlier to both Partition and Independence in the Subcontinent; India had witnessed the seeding of radical Muslim and intellectual extremism.. Many do not know that India had exported the outdated and violent schools to the Middle East since the dawn of the 20th century.. Despite the soft, smiling and fun-loving Indian personalities, a long history... Continue Reading →

“Allah” is Only for Muslim Use..!!

  Malaysia's top court upheld a government ban forbidding non-Muslims from using "Allah" to refer to God..!!!!!!!!!!!   This totally un-Islamic and ridiculous verdict..! If non-Muslims will get confused; at least this will spread the use of the word; which will subsequently initiate debate and understanding.. Islam will not be threatened by using its terminology and scripture,... Continue Reading →

Failed Democracy

Modi-fication of India The market-economy engineer, who win the golden post of India's PM, had started his deep surgeries to reshape the Indian socioeconomic framework.. Despite the bright slogans against corruption, open defection and... prosperity, Indians start to observe the true reality of a conservative government, after decades of socially driven others.. Certainly, he came... Continue Reading →

Whoever kills her will be rewarded by God..!!

There is nothing much to be said on the Mauritanian case, once we know that it is the ONLY country still practice SLAVERY The regime, despite the diverse developments and change brought to the shallow resources state, had denied any serious actions to prohibit slavery and declare national emancipation for all slaves.. Muritania has two... Continue Reading →

Success & Successor..

Reading Dr Henry Makow's is not a blind intellectual journey, but a comparable one to fill the epistemic gaps within my own path.. Despite how his arguments are controversial, there are issues and subdomains which are meaningful and acceptable.. Feminism is one.. I do not share his analysis about the root causes, yet agree on... Continue Reading →

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