Beating & Flogging


A Malaysian brochure on formal  Canning 

Lashing, Flogging, Canning, Whipping or Spanking are different names for the Beating Punishment..
The difference are related to the used materials to execute the punishment

However, it is widely misunderstood, confusingly interpreted and wrongly applied

If anything to praise the extremists for, it will be their righteous application of the punishment
This was repeatedly recorded in Somalia, Mali and Syria
Yet, most audiences were unable to configure the technical differences
By no means, saying so would support their ideology


 A Syrian Youngman punished by 80 lashes, which he had in few minutes with bearable pain..


So, why Islam was widely known for this kind of punishment?

There are two levels to address this issue:


First; the Quranic verdict

Since dawn of time; eating was a common among human beings to settle disputes and punishments.. Some had envisioned the effect of physical pain to restore particular situations.. Others had spoken about metaphysical affection related to the parallel worlds.. Since Cod of Hammurabi, Beating was agreed to be used as an affective tool; domestically and publically.. Terms of domestic violence are new in time, with lots of linkage to feminism, atheism and homosexuality..!

It was clearly stated that some unlawful acts are deemed to be penalized by beating..  Yes, Muslim should not have the freedom to change the Divine Verdict, yet as defined by some Muftis and Imams, the Quranic and Prophetic verdicts are always non-conclusive, enabling peripheries for changing times, cultures and practices.. This is how most Muslim communities had replaced beating with imprisonment.. It is a logistics and cost issues rather than moral one..!!

Most ancient doctrines and states had used the various forms of beating as an effective punishment, which endorse the norms that Islam had used as well..  Tell date, Judaism uses flogging as symbolic ritual as well as Shiite of Islam.. However, there are serious demise on levels of severity, hurt and facilities..  It became a stereotype the image of a Muslim strong man beats a helpless one for a punishment.. It is an urbanity ranking, not more..!

Wife-spanking was most controversial against Muslims.. For many centuries, most Western & Eastern societies had used it as a tool to punish wives for wrongdoing.. On the turn, this was not used to punish the husbands.. You may call it a superior or a commanding rank of men against women.. The trend to prohibit such act is very recent, while many in rural and poor districts across the world; still use it.. The same punishment is implicitly used for children, particularly the female ones..

Men flog each other with leather whips on the eve of Kippur, usually in synagogue

Symbolic Flogging in the evening of Kippur


Spanking wives is a Western Phenomenon, and stills


Second; the Misuse

The humane tendency for violent penalties had triggered the current trends for reducing physical and capital punishment.. The campaigns are mostly planned and managed by lobbyists and interest groups with particular goals and benefits.. However, they find great materials to loud within the 60% of illiterate, rural and vulgar population of earth.. From the US Red-Necks and the Jungle-living Africans, to the Asian masculine-ruled communities, there are many shocking cases which are currently named as violence..

The horror of violent cases in Japan, India, Turkey, Nigeria and Mexico would ignite every sensible person to stand firm against all forms of domestic violence.. The severity of beating applications by formal and informal groups would cause a heartache for any person with a soul.. Yet, the unspoken and hidden cost of unfair sociopolitical and socioeconomic practices are further harsh and uneasy to reform.. These are the counts forming the global stand against all forms of physical punishment.. Inevitably, Urbanity dictate growth of our sensitivity for physical hurt..!

The Prophet PNUH and his Sahabah PBUT had clearly described the four parameters of Beating.. Elbow of executer has to firmly be attached to his waist.. Use small elastic sticks.. Not to target the face.. No striping is required.. To be attended by a public; at least three persons.. Certainly, what we observe across the world is totally different, apart from the ironically done by hardliner-Islamists..!!

Husbands are also exaggerate their practice; while either release their own frustrations or repeat traditional violence.. I guess many would see the broses and scares in the faces of their wives; sort of pride and superiority, while unable to see the gates of Hell awaiting..!!

North Carolina

Historical Flogging at North Carolina


Brutal Flogging in Iran


Who knows what else under her Niqab.. Do they promote Niqab to cover up..? 




  1. adilsud says:

    Cannig Malaysian Woman..

    It took the Religious Court more than six months to issue a verdict in a simple case of Alcohol consumption. This was my initial worry, on what is going on behind the scene? She was not alone in the police ride on that club, nor anything told about the other detainees. Her request to carry on the punishment in public is also a great question, not to boost her modeling career as some had said, nor an attempt to be forgiven, but as she stated: to resume her life with family.. Certainly; she was advised in her remote rural state to avoid being a center of attention.. and maybe would be rewarded for the same..!!

    My Malaysian experience would tell about the hidden yet strong undercurrents in civic centers, where contradiction between ethnic groups, political powers, and economic enterprising are taken shape. During the last couple of years, some violent actions shocked the nation; questioning the legacies of their political leaders. CSR programs are mystery, while government only support the national platform of education, health care and infrastructure. Employment is solely secured by demand of private investment, PPP schemes are crippled by poor quality of resources and slow openness of laws, while destruction of urban pillars is almost systematic, igniting the furious media and frustrated journalists. The key radical or terrorist persons are out of reach, while exodus of professionals is growing in strong rates.

    Malaysian are distinct with their hometown sickness, therefore, stresses on civic centers are controllable. Despite being wealthy country with oil, palm oil and manufacturing with GDP of $ 215billion, 5% of population of 27million are under poverty line. Human development index sets the country as 61st among the globe, with national growth rate of 6.3%. So, all measures are great for an underdeveloped country, but only corruption, good governance, transparency and ethnic tolerance are widely questioned. The Malaysian model was critical for almost 300million Muslims in south east Asia, while analysis was carried out by regimes in Egypt, UAE, Turkey and Indonesia to create successful replica. Therefore, disturbing the model would send lots of critics on the proposed ethnic and cultural integration in Muslim countries. However, the current governing parties are facing serious in-house questions on capacity to provide a break through among the economic tigers.

    I can confidently say that Islamic Fundamentalists are shaking the country, searching for a leading rule. Islam was never meant to suppress people, nor to ignore the rightfulness of minorities. Also, the trends of practicing smooth yet friendly Islam was truly inspiring for me personally, and for many as well. The composition of deep-rooted Islamic behavior along with modern adoption is source of envy and relaxed living. Yes, a historical bureaucracy affected the growth rate, but indispensible tool to preserve governing backbone. Bottom-line; Malaysia is on critical cross-roads, and hopefully will find the right way out..


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