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As a matter of fact; Homosexuality is new topic among Muslim scholars; which requires more than rigid religious interpretations, but also scientific integration. Generally, Homosexuality was regarded as psychological malfunction, associated or triggered by physiological one. We all are beholders of both gender hormones, yet superiority of one is a complicated and complex process.

Within a framework of ethics and manners; Muslims are advised to raise their kids in ways that distinguish genders, yet not to appreciate a particular one. Along history; all conventional yet civilized mind-sets agreed on raising-up girls and boys differently; one homely softer and another tougher with manners (Venus & Mars). Sever cases of hormone disorder require treatment as a temporary illness, not legislation as an authentic status.

Gay Marriage was just a political joke that unfortunately gets momentum. Societies should not reserve any effort to cure homosexuality as illness, not permit them as fetal destruction to family and marriage institution. Likeliness of politicians should not draw the humane civilization; which regretfully declining..!!

Few decade are not sufficient to establish a verdict, as famous Freud’s theories are still questioned. However, establishing a “referral” is critical; otherwise misleading logic would diminish all accomplishments. Only “The Creator” sets the referral for “The Creation”, not the other way. In the humane legacy, everything was meant to serve a purpose, which is not the case in the ill-fated orientation. Yes, it is controversial, as intellectual debates, scientific discoveries and disintegrated religious knitting are growing symptoms of the concurrent political mind-set. With my due respect, the matter has little to do with religious belief, but accumulative, visionary and futuristic perceptions of our spices.





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