Shariah Compliant Whipping

Posted: November 19, 2016 in Muslim Views


It is not the typical stereotyping scenes of violent whipping as circulated on all media.. Despite we can’t debate if such punishment is right or wrong, as each epistemic system has its own forms of rewards and punishment.. Despite the dominance of concurrent formal culture of tolerance, or so-called pro-life.. At Muslim South East Asian communities, the practice is totally different and Humane..

In Islam, Whipping is thoroughly symbolic rather than traumatic.. Yet, enthusiastic radicals had advocated deformed applications and ignorant justifications.. ironically, a group within Islamic Shabbab of Somalia applies the same.. on the other hand, many Muslim states ignore the application as outdated and unjustified..

I think a second yet not politically driven assessment of such punishment will reveal a lot about not only substances of the true Islamic system, but also it’s sustainability, strength and convenience..


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