Islamic Common Sense..

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Muslim Views

Islam can’t survive without common sense and public participation.. A Muslim is a mirror of his own beliefs and his society as well..
Almost one third of the Islamic rulings are related to the public behavior and the shared or exchanged social responsibility among the Muslims..
The scenes of individualism is swiftly increasing, while the compassion among Muslims are declining.. Yes, these are symptoms of urbanity and inevitable materialism..
Also, they are a challenge to all who claim the true belief..
Are You One..?

There’s a Good Reason This Photo Is Going Viral in the Arab World

praying together

At first glance, it may seem like the three people pictured praying by their cars in the middle of the road are causing an obstruction.

The photo was taken in Saudi Arabia, a country where there are mosques and prayer rooms everywhere and one may ask why did these people decide to block a lane of traffic and pray on the road?

The reason is actually quite incredible. As it turns out, they were complete strangers who were involved in a collision and while they waited for emergency services to arrive, they decided to pray in congregation so they would not miss the prayer.

Saudi traffic rules dictate that drivers involved in a collision should not move their cars until the authorities arrive to investigate.

The photo has now been shared many times on social media sites and its a story that deserve to go viral!


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