Regrettable Error in Translations

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Muslim Views

With the challenges of social media, whereas everyone is free to post, question, answer and even issue Fatwas; the formal religious authorities are torn between the excessive flood of queries to answer, or views to verify, and the capacity to deploy scholars to manage the momentum.. Certainly, many of those entrusted Imams are not up to the level of understating, advocating and leading the Muslim nations.. The religious education systems in most of the Muslim countries preserve the seats for the children of poor, illiterate and almost unemployed parents..

This is how Shiite-Sunni, Jihasism, ISIS, and Infidels were generated

Fatwa is the fine art to interpret the religious clauses into practical and lively ones.. Utilizing not only the inherited text books, interpretations and guidance, but also the intellectualism of the time to assure no epistemic conflicts.. If the scholar does not know; simple admits that Allah swt knows better.. even so, in all cases..!

The current dilemma of inappropriate or “sometimes-stupid” Fatwas are largely related to the linguistic conflicts between modern Arabic and ancient one.. In addition to the lack of efficient Arabic interpreters and translators; who would preserve and secure the knowledge among cultures and people..

Unfortunately, it is dangerous, painful and disturbing, yet with little to do..!!

NEW ISLAMIC FATWA: A father can have lust for his daughter if she is over 9 years old


Diyanet is the highest religious authority in Turkey and the final authority in interpretation of Islam. It controls the country’s 85,000 mosques. Recently the authority issued a fatwa – an interpretation of Islamic rules – which created intense debate. To a question from a believer, Diyanet replied that from an Islamic view it had no impact on a marriage “if a father kisses his daughter with lust.”
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