Baby Girl Recites Quran

Posted: April 19, 2016 in Muslim Views


An Arabic quote tells: “Teaching at Young is alike Engraving in a stone..”

Certainly, teaching basics at young age would last for the entire life.. It would stay memorable and sharp be alike engraving the stones; which would last.. I guess it is a general education principle.. There are basics that should be memorized without effort.. While there are queries that would trigger the intellectualism.. Education would vary between both; in addition to sport, art and life style..

Regretfully, many Muslim.. in particularly Arabs, had neglected both memorization and intellectualism.. Therefore, the young generations are almost dump.. or lazy and senescence-addicted.. I am not sure if the coming time would allow to rectify the deteriorated situation, or enable opportunities to hold the Islamic Legacies tight..

Many Muslim implicitly tend to repeat a versa which assures that Allah swt preserves the Quran and the Islamic knowledge as well..!
Is this enough..?


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