Posted: April 15, 2016 in Muslim Views


I only disagree with covering the body statement, apparently a feminist view rather than Islamic..
I’d say that Islam has a different views on nudity, that uproot the typical sexism performance and fantasies; keeping individuals focusing on the higher sociocultural values.. Yet, conditioned with reasonable availability of complicit, mature and matrimonial grounds..
Ironically, most of formal attire and fashion protocols look Islamic..!

  1. Adil Abdalla says:

    Salaam Allah..
    I truly admire the Intellegent question, and the sincere search for knoweldege, rather than answers.. Mankind was assigned for typical three tasks: Acknowledge Allah swt as a creator (No answer for possible why), Appreciating one’s self against evil and wongdoings, and to utilize the wealth of the universe for better evolution purposes.. Yet, the true trigger is not the questioning mind or the loving heart, but a mysterious will or “intention”… You may be rewarded for mere intention more than a time devoted monk.. it is not a mind game, but a sprutual one..

    Stay simple, yet blissed


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