Muslims at a Hindu Temple

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Muslim Views

Co-existence is certainly a noble cause that we all support.. yet, confusing the religious practices only initiate confused generations, who will easily be radicalized..

The Subcontinent has long strong and interesting history, that had made the demises among religious groups weak and fading.. There are many cross religions marriages, business and politics.. Therefore, it was the birth place of the radical Islam back to 1930th.. Today, many of the radical preachers are native Indians and Pakistanis.. In Bangladesh there are a violent scenes of religious radicals..

It is a long and great challenge for all moderate Muslims to advocate for the true Islam, while hatred and tense relations growing fast.. It seems that both politicians and preachers have a united cause of making money out of the ignorant poor people..

It is unlikely to defuse of reshaped anytime soon..!!


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