Prayer on or in Water..!

Posted: March 1, 2016 in Muslim Views


It was widely circulated the image of the poor young men, standing in prayer in a mosque during the rain catastrophe of 2010..
They were standing in a couple of centimeters of water, not disturbing their rituals, nor distracting them in how to breath or stand up again..

This was normal practice among residents in valleys and lower-lands; during rain seasons.. Farmers as well, would do the same on any higher grounds within their water submerged fields..

However, in today’s Sudan, where many people, particularly the youth had lost much of their insanity under repressive regime, and public order promotes religious fantasies; people would “sincerely” perform psychopathic behaviors and illogical activities, driven by search for satisfaction and euphoria..

The below image for few young men perform a prayer at a knee-level waters, while 10 meters behind them is the higher dry land.. Even if that land was dirty, they would spend few minute to clean a spot to pray.. A smart comment had correctly question how they would breathe during “Sojoud”.. One of them had a “short” way above the knees..

Of course, the Sudanese social media had witnessed food of comments, reflecting the contradicted contemporary mindset of the Sudan..

Maybe it was a fake by irresponsible youth, mocking Islam; but their “Imam” has a bear of the committed Muslims affiliations..

Petty, once for Muslims, a 2nd for Sudan..!



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