Killing a Foriegner in Ramadhan..!

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Muslim Views


Salaam Adil!
If you have the time please share some facts with me about the laws in the UAE. I was in a chat with someone, who said that he was in Dubai during the last Ramadan. And when he wanted to drink during the day, he was said to do it secretly, hiding somewhere, otherwise he would be imprisoned or shot by someone. Is that true? A foreigner can be killed if drinking daytime on the street?

People adore nonsense..!
Certainly nothing like that, especially in Dubai.. In Ramadan cafes and Restaurants and open for business, just have their doors and windows with screens or curtain to respect the Islamic tradition.. If someone would walk publically smoking, eating or drinking, people would advise him or her to seek a shelter or a café.. Even so, Islam does not include and verdicts to punish who does not observe the fasting in Ramadhan.. It is a relatively new custom created by Mamelukes and Ottomans.. Certainly, no one or a radical would walk with a fire arm to shoot any violator..
It is not the wild west..!!
I thought so Adil, just wanted some real experience before I tell the guy that he was talking nonsense. Thanks a lot for your answer!

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