Muslims are too “Self-Destructive..”

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Muslim Views


Anti Muslims and Anti-Islam lobbies are not in need to create terrorists or bigot groups to fight the extensive growth of Islam for the last 30 years.. Muslims are already “Self-Destructive” with illiterate imams and short-sighted Sheikhs, who had successfully reduced the religion into “Sex-Driven” culture, and “Hajj-Branded” greedy businesses..
The influx of the wrong and awful teachings floods all types of media, societies, minds and hearts as well.. Apparently, no way to reverse the deteriorated phenomenon of declining the “intellectual” faith.. It is unprecedented, as the social and online media had offered endless opportunities for any “Idiot” to spread the words of his own, just decorated with some verses of Quran, or honored tales from the Prophet PBUH…

In true Islam; we “were” labeled to practice the fine art of humanity, the intellectual art of belief, and the sincerest art of worshiping.. Despite all chaos and noise, some of us shall remain strongly honorable creation..!!

 Yet; I’m totally ashamed of those “indescrible”.. and wonder everyday: what to do…?

Islamist UK Teachers Tell Pupils: ‘Wives Can’t Refuse Sex’

The latest revelations about the ‘Trojan Horse Plot’ in which Islamists took over British schools should prompt greater vigilance in future.


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