Farkhunda Killing..

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Muslim Views

Farkhunda killing

She was an Islamic scholar, with feminist views.. Not typical for communities which had been ruled for long by ignorance, isolation and incompetence..  It was easy for a “Mulla” to shout falsely that she burns the Quran; then the idiot ignorant public would crucify her.. The mere power of the ignorance..

I can imagine that she had only burned some “controversial” referral books, not the Quran itself.. At the Muslim communities of central Asia; they hardly understand what are the differences.. They treat some referral books more sacred than the Quran itself.. I had observed, debated and felt bad about this realities among poor uneducated and frustrated people..

Ordinary people exchange rituals, teachings and advices, which are far from true Islam..!!
Any objection would easily label the person as infidel or Kaffer; regardless what religious or educational status he/she has.. It is ultra dangerous to deal with..

The Governments are truly torn between rationalism and radicalism.. Many officers are radicals by default.. Many youngsters are potential terrorists by default.. Many literates are increasingly helpless by default..! It is simply complicated, with no hopes for rectifications, corrections or development..

They constitute harm to my “Islam” more than any anything..

They simply mark the end of times..!


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