Muslims.. Lost in Translation..!!

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Muslim Views


I shall put it as a naked truth: There are two types of Muslims.. Arabic Speakers, and Non-Arabic Speakers.. Now, some guys would got nervous.. Others would shake their heads rejecting.. and very few would look for the next words to understand my phrase..

Certainly, Quran is undoubtedly the living miracle of Islam.. A “Text-Book” for all had happened, happening, and would happen.. This is the simple believe all Muslims receive in their early ages.. and continues to be throughout their lives.. Almost weekly, researchers would find clues within the scripture that explain a phenomenon or provide an answer.. However, not all questions are answered, nor all answers are “academically” accredited.. The Holy Quran on parallel is a linguistic enigma; which includes lots of amazing and brilliant facts..

Yet, all are in “Arabic”.. a language only spoken by few hundred millions, and linguistically mastered by few hundred graduates..!  Nevertheless, Arabic speakers who their local slang are influencer than classical language, are getting further trouble understanding the Quran without assistance..!!

During the last few decades, I had witnessed lots of misinterpretations and wrong translations of Quran, Hadeeth and referrals.. Among some enthusiastic communities, the misspelling of Arabic grammaticism and literature had led to awful situations; which collectively produced the radicals since 1979th.. Inevitably, the more years to pass, the more Arabic becomes complicated to chew, comprehend and understand.. Therefore, Fatwas from ill-Arabic-equipped preachers are flooding the 1.4 billion Muslims, and touch the lives of the rest 6.6 non Muslims..!!

All Muslim fanatics and debates are linguistic based..

Losing their religion: the hidden crisis of faith among Britain’s young Muslims

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11121222Nasreen: ‘I’ve had bouts of clinical depression. The thing is, Islam teaches you to grow up with a lack of identity. Without the collective, you’re lost.’ Photograph: Andy Hall/Observer

  1. adilsud says:

    I remember it took me few days reading all referrals and Tafaseers to understand the famous Aya 4/34, which commonly known to permit men to beat women.. I’m a well versed in Arabic linguistics, grammar and literature.. So, how do you think about a person who does not..?
    Simply; he would beat any women in his way..!!
    This is the core conflict, which had created all evils..
    Then, we may talk about the other 40 syllabuses that any Islamic preacher should master; before opening his mouth..!!


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