Hijab not Niqab..

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Muslim Views

Woman From Egypt-1920

Women in Alexandria of Egypt – 1920

These were entertainers or belly-dancers, mostly Egyptian Roma or Gypsy..

Don’t be confused with their Niqab..

Niqab was never an Islamic fashion, but an old oriental costume..

Muslims have to focus on eliminating the confusion on Niqab, prior to address the Hijab issue..
Despite how Niqab was advocated since 1970th as the Muslim Woman’s a-must-costume, Muslims were unable then to debate the arguments brought in by the then extremists.. The phenomenon had grown and became one of the Islamic brands across the world.. It is not only misinterpret Islamic roles and traditions, but mainly develops partitions within the Muslims themselves.. People are severely confused on what is right and what is wrong..
What is Islamic and what is Not..!!

The literate Muslims have a duty to clear the ambiguous situation and enable the Muslim to understand the True Islam.. No nation would evolve and survive without leaders to eliminate the chaotic preceptions and concepts to allow for reliable and lasting ideas to role..


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