The Unspoken Gender Culture

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Muslim Views


The below daft posts were shocking for me..!!

Not by presenting new or controversial views, but for the public reveal of unspoken gender culture that rules the entire Orient.. Yes, I did not approve them to be posted, to stop the author from any further alike future ones.. Yet, the issues is very critical and worth addressing, after long centuries of kept-hidden.. I did know about this culture, but never assumed anyone to openly talk about.. It is mainly a female views, which were bizarre to be told by a male..

However, my concerns is their deviation from the true Islam, importing non-Islamic behaviors and mindset, and set free to rule hundreds of millions of Muslims..  The matter also revealed the strength such views have, which allow them brows across the world with little resistance or reforms.. This highlights why most Muslim communities are not peacefully settled or cordially distended in the UK after the long decades of coexistence..!

It is a divine verdict that made marriage, at any society, throughout history, a knot that no one would forcibly annul.. Victorious soldiers would enslave married women, yet never dare to annul their marriages..!

To start with; there are three topics within the domain of forced marriage; which I shall elaborate before the readers may go through the bizarre posts::

  1. Women are not sex tools for men; not only in Islam but in any other religion.. Islam had set a singular criteria for successful marriage that is based on intimacy and mercy.. The couple would share mutual commitment and closeness; which are basic social needs.. The couple would relief the urge each would experience for mating; which is a natural livelihood need.. The unlucky writer had used funny expressions of how “a female would be blessed if she can help a male to satisfy his sexual desires”.. This is a very funny wording to comment on.. It is misogynist, sadist and arrogant.. This is not Islam..!
  2. Forced Marriage is sort of prostitution and sex slavery; whereas females are forced to mate a stranger, yet can’t seek police help.. Also, it includes being on call for all domestic demand of a household.. Outcomes of the forced marriage are always deformed personalities of its children, who would grow and repeat the cycles of oppression, depression and confusion.. Marvelously and mysteriously, intimacy would grow among the couple.. Generally women turn consensual, while men turn friendly.. Nevertheless, Forced Marriage is not Islamic..!
  3. History of Islamic communities had been widely deformed; and personalized by politically oriented authors, exotic story-tellers and biased academics..  Unintentionally, and inevitably, they were excited about the domestic issues more than the global ones.. Almost all had consumed time on controversial issues, such as; the age of Sayeda Aisha pubh when got married, verses 43/3 allowing beating women, banning lone travel for women, testimonies by Women, polygany, heritance law, etc.. Most of these issues are lost in translation, not only between Arabic and others, but also between traditional and modern Arabic languages.. Therefore, most if these issues are not Islamic-worthy..!

His name is Mostafa, belongs to a deactivated website called: “One-True-Faith”.. Apparently he is a Pakistani who lives in UK, in his early 50th.. He had already posted 2 posts, which I did not approve.. However, below is the full text of both:

1st Post:
“Dear affected husband, Salaam! You must be a saint to not seek to satisfy your male needs between the legs of your wife and she seems quite ‘modern’ and disrespectful. I suggest you remind her that as a Muslim woman her duty is only to keep you happy. This means praise you, never fill your head with silly female gossip, and always to spread her thighs when you desire to relieve your male lust. Even if she has a headache or is sick. She must give thanks to Allah that you desire to fill her womb with your warm salty seed so it spills out from her female place and dribbles down her legs.”

2nd Post:
“My daughter was thirteen and I arranged for her to marry a cousin of mine back in Pakistan. She was very rude and said he is too old (he is in his 50s) although he was very pleased as my daughter is beautiful and desirable. But her husband to be is wealthy and from a good family so his money will help us out. Before the marriage happens; my cousin’s family wanted to see that my daughter was a virgin so his sister examined her between her legs and put her finger inside. The husband was pleased to find out she was a virgin. On the wedding night he lay with her and the next day my daughter could not walk as she was in pain in her female parts. After a week we took her to a doctor who said her insides had been injured from her husband’s penis that he had been thrusting too much. So he was told not to have sex relations with my daughter until she had healed. He was very angry but I told him he could still relieve his male needs in her mouth. So he did that until she was healed. Now she is pregnant merciful Allah! I am thankful she could keep him satisfied so she did not bring me shame or I would have to throw acid in her face. Merciful Allah who laid his kind hand on us his children..! I am truly filled with his Love.”


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