Malay Fatwas Fantasy

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Muslim Views


The linguistic barriers, reliance on oral records and the honor Clerics had among Muslim Communities; had collectively sailed with Islam and Muslims to the open unknown..!

Most of the Clerics are product of lower economic classes, who could not afford sending their kids to public schools, therefore, they send them to free and incentivized Islamic schools.. Few of them turn to be brilliant Clerics, who would inspire the nations, but mostly are working among ignorant natives in remote villages and poor districts; where their deformed teachings become the breeding grounds for back warding and extremism..

The matter is not new, but Muslim Leaders and Politicians had shut their eyes from, due to the great influence these unintentionally bad Clerics had among voters.. It is widespread in Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria.. Now it is evolving in Malaysia and Turkey; which both were considered the civilized lanterns for other Muslim fellows..

The issue recently came to a head at a dog-petting festival for Muslims, with the organiser receiving threatening phone calls. 

Muslims are taught that canines are unclean. 

Malaysian activist Zainah Anwar, recently wrote that Muslims are ‘sick and tired of being told, yet again, of more categories of Muslims and practices to be denounced, hated and declare deviant’
Her women’s rights group, Sisters in Islam, has also been targeted. It was issued with a fatwa for pushing ‘liberalism’. It had pushed for Muslim women to be able to enter beauty pageants.

The group were challenging the ruling.
The list of fatwas now includes, Halloween, which is said to be too Christian and black metal because it is ‘powerful enough to force a Muslim to forsake his faith’.
Botox is banned, but can be used if medically necessary. 

Yoga –  it’s Hindu origins can ‘destroy the faith of a Muslim’.

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Moderate Malaysia has so many fatwas there’s a website to keep track of them | GlobalPost


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