Amputated Tafseer

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Muslim Views
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It is not only pathetic how such claimant guys deviate, but how their public followers are further sunk in confusion and mislead.. Therefore, it was often repeated in Quran and Hadith warning on following outspoken ones, without proper investigation or accreditation of their authority to guide and lead.. This is why, exodus of European Muslims had followed twisted claims and amputated Tafseer; which had filled gaps of cultural traumas and religious vacuum..

Factually, we as Muslims we have a great fall.. the concurrent public and NGO systems and structures are incapable to confront such confusion, nor able to promote the correct Islamic message.. There is an effort which is badly required, yet no one is there to perform.. The fail attempts by such claimant preachers, to merge Islam with politics, science and secularist philosophies had added deterioration and decay to the coherence of Muslims.. Simply, they defeat Islam..! 

Yes, Religious Codes are not Compulsory for Muslims, but Religious Knowledge is.. It is all about the common sense of the religion and the role a Muslim will perform among all others..

What is the purpose of being a Muslim?

What is the needful to be one?

Are we obliged to Islamize the world around?

If so, by what means, tools or thoughts?

Guys, it will be more than enough to Islamize your own self.. Forget about the others..!!


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