The best gift, a daughter could give..

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Muslim Views
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Almost every girl dreams of her big day. Right from the dress to the ceremony to the first dance, many future brides have it all planned. For this young woman, however, the perfect wedding involved none of this – all it needed to be beautiful was her father’s presence.

Lisa Wilson found out that her father, David Haliburton Wilson, was fighting a losing battle to a rare cancer. So she decided to move her wedding ahead by a week so he could give her away. A video shared on Facebook captures the most beautiful yet heartbreaking ceremony and father-daughter dance ever.

Titled “The best gift, a daughter could give. Congratulations Dr. Lisa Pantoja,” the video shows Lisa and David’s moving father-daughter dance.

After exchanging vows next to her father’s hospital bed, Lisa can be seen asking her dad for a dance. When he tells her he can’t, she tells him she’ll just “dance with your hands.” The heartwarming video went viral almost instantly and currently has about 3.6 million shares.

David died on September 2, 2014. However, this beautiful video captures the special bond he shared with his daughter.


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