A Hidden Polytheism

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Muslim Views
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This is a widely circulated photo of Turkish visiting Q’aba at Makkah..
The males surround their females, not to be lost, pushed or harassed by others.. Some fanatic appreciated their “Manly” behavior as a model to copy..
I guess it is totally wrong..
At Allah’s House, we fear nothing, we consider nothing, we remember nothing; but Him swt..
At His House swt, we own nothing, relate to nothing, and attach to nothing..
It is the only place where no gender divide, no ranking orders and no possession is observed.. Therefore, Muslim (men) ware this simple cloth as a submission of everything.. as resembling death..
Muslim already deviated in most physical attributes.. Now they do in their spiritual ones..
At Q’aba of Makkah, there is only one recognized relation: Allah & His Believers
Where a Believer loses her/his sense of self..!!
This most sacred relation can’t be shared with any other..
Otherwise it is a hidden Polytheism..!!
People had confused themselves with the security and protocol provided to VIP during their Tawaf.. Maybe in ideal world this would not be done..
I had personally seen men forgot about where they are and expand arms to protect their young wives.. Or stretch another with a cellphone camera.. or catching a selfie.. or talk to relatives and friends on cellphones.. or walking in opposite direction to catch something out there..
Generally; people do Tawaf as if walking for leisure.. They forgot the jogging…!!
Regretfully, it is not Tawaf anymore.. It is just a ritual you can deliver with an absent mind..!!!


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