BAth or Shower..?

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Muslim Views
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This was a 4 years old post..

Bathtubs are one of the unquestioned demise between Eastern and Western cultures..!!
They both share the religious plunge, yet for one it turned into a daily practice, while for the other it became an objective one..

Western cultures had generally been built up in watery environments; where lakes, rivers and swamps were almost everywhere. People enjoyed being in worm water tubs, to fight back the cold weather in springs and autumns. In Winter, they came up with Hot-Steam rooms; which enabled better and healthy circulation of blood and fluids inside the body.. Later, Bathtubs became an exotic element in domestic life across the Mediterranean, interpreting relaxation, wealth and comfort.. Bathing started as group activity, reduced to individual, and then evolved again as private one. It became principal part in urban life, where people would wash away their fatigue, boredom and dead skin as well.. Due to cold weather, Westerner had their fat-layer deeper in their skin, which do not polish or grease their outlook or touch..!! Therefore, bathing is fun rather than objective..!!

Eastern Cultures had contrarily experienced hot, sandy and dusty weathers, which required quick wash out whenever possible. Therefore, it was commonly known showering with all or some of cloth are on..!! This is still practiced in many places, adding to its justification the overwhelming oriental codes of privacy and modesty. Life was harsh and tight enough, so no time to be wasted in laying in a bathtub and enjoy sensations of submersion. This tells, why oriental relaxation is always costly, luxurious and private. Only Chinese created the art of negotiations around food or message.. Not only the biology, but habits of oily nutrition made bathing with cleaning tools a critically required, to remove the timely created layers of fat and stains from the skin. This is why oriental bathing was associated with message to clean the skin and discharge the muscles too.

Islam discourage spending time in nude-state, recommending being very limited to the purpose. This had been violated largely by non-Arab Muslims, who recalled bathing ceremonies and luxuries. Adding the naive technology of water facilities, Muslims were introduced to bathrooms less than a century ago. Nevertheless, all Mankind had known washroom or toilets only more than a century ago..!! However, it is one of the wonders that Muslim architects are keeping to fit their designs with bathtubs, not realizing that both heritage and religion shades away..!!


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