Illusion of Love..

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Muslim Views
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The photos of the Gay Parents went viral, while they embrace their new-born baby.. Commentators had glorified the unprecedented moment; praised love as a universal value cross all cultures, regions and genders.. A media celebration, that had engaged most known and unknown channels, specially the social media.. The photographer had reserved her seat in the new media.. The Surrogate Mother expressed her and her family gratitude to be part of this historical moment.. The baby was a product of a foreign egg (to the surrogate mother), which probably was conceived by unknown sperm-donor as well..

It is amazing what science and media would do to our Mankind..

There is nothing to add to both critics and support of Westernized Gay Marriage; which became a de-facto, legally, operationally and morally.. It became a line of demise between confronting groups, which none is able to convince the other, nor to define a co-existence.. Yes, so far both parties adhere to the law; within a banner of civilization and urbanity, agreeing on zero bigotry and zero discrimination.. 

Moralities of both natural and factual parenthood had went uncontrollably spiral at legal and scientific institutions.. Simply, it constitutes the foregrounds for the ever-hot debate between Creationists and Evolutionists.. The arrogance of intellectuality had taken philosophies and concepts in horizons of no retreat and no defeat as well.. Creationists could not present of support the case, while Evolutionists had all lobbies, science and media in support.. Pragmatically, ancestors are less important in the advanced genetic and molecule technologies..

Surrogate Motherhood was another moral debate that ended up with broader acceptance.. The debate was fueled by the pharmaceutical advances in transplant management; which had enabled success in critical organ replacement.. Many psychological researches had proven no significant disorders ware related to the hosting mother or the hosted baby.. Ironically, this had equally support anti-abortion movement, with a notion that a fetus is an independent person since day one..

أَفَلَمْ يَسِيرُوا فِي الْأَرْضِ فَتَكُونَ لَهُمْ قُلُوبٌ يَعْقِلُونَ بِهَا أَوْ آذَانٌ يَسْمَعُونَ بِهَا فَإِنَّهَا لَا تَعْمَى الْأَبْصَارُ وَلَكِنْ تَعْمَى الْقُلُوبُ الَّتِي فِي الصُّدُورِ
Despite how they had toured the earth, to gain hearts can comprehend or ears can listen; they did not.. It is not the eyes to grow blind, but the hearts within their chests..
AlHajj 22-46

Certainly, the case contradicts two of the three Notions of Creation:
  • Worshiping Allah swt; implicitly following His divine code of morals and ethics
  • Reproduce to sustain the momentum of believers; implicitly following His divine code of engagement

It is a pity how our intellectuality marks our decline and distinction as the honored creation of Almighty swt.. Yes, I’m rather pessimistic for any breakthrough that could happen to restore our rank among other creations, or to honor the notions we had been assigned for.. The fierce battles led by media, science and business communities is beyond reach or control, as fueled by the evil penetrations and seductions..

Just hold tight your belief.. at least..!!


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