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Posted: June 25, 2014 in Muslim Views
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scrooge mcDuck


My generation had raised on the funny images of Mr. Scrooge McDuck, who loves money and enjoy piling coins and banknotes.. On parallel, Branches of business brands were few, and mostly the one supported by government to distribute commodities and critical goods.. The grocery store next to my house had enjoyed good revenues due to its clean shop, smile and reasonable prices.. I had noticed his growth and changing his car, employing more staff and provide more products.. This was the repeated story across the world; as documented in movies, literature and folklore..

This the mindset of business people till 40 years ago (and stills in rural areas) when they make a profit they don’t expand.. Instead; they upgrade their workplace, diversify their products, and improve their own personal living..

Now, they expand like mushroom with no care for quality, customer loyalty or honesty.. The whole thing had started few decades ago, when some academic had brought a theory into economics and business syllabuses… “If you don’t grow; you will decline..”




This is the root-cause of greed and monopoly that became synonymous to doing business..  worldwide..

The moral chain of business had collapsed, and in all corporates..

The average individuals will sign off loans to buy shares and spend their times at the Stock Exchange Floors, gaining money for no effort..
You can invent an NGO and legitimately earn your living from the 40% of its fundraising.. regardless what the business achieves..
Employees work hard for the chance to get bounces and promotions, and would quit the job for another of better benefits..
Employers observe their profit , and would cut jobs or salaries to maintain their gains..
Within the whole process, business environment got complicated, diverse and mushroomed in order to generate more profits..

The whole system had been ruined by the NUMBERS.. by a devilish breed of Accounts and Economists..


Biz Global Expansion


All religions had preached for contentedness and condemned both greed and immorality in business

There are a full chapter (83) in the Holy Quran on the “Merchants with deliberate faulty weight gauge”.. (So far did not find one English word for it).. Quran describe them as greedy, dishonest and ill-fated.. Also, there are many verses in Quran and Hadith; which address the compulsory honesty in doing business: No cheating or camouflage the defects, No escalation of prices, Avoid non halal revenues or earning, Document loans and debts, Pay back dues and loans on time, Not to be hard on who is in financial trouble; Pay fair and timely salaries, Treat the people with smile and humbleness, etc..

The Prophet PBUH, when asked if a Muslim could be a stingy? He said: Yes.. Could be a fainthearted? He said: Yes.. Could be a liar? He said: No…!
Unfortunately; the entire business world is now-a-days based on lies and cheating..!!

Muslim intellectual had worked a lot on the interest and Riba-Free business, but very few had addressed the foundations of doing business.. Therefore, Muslim Merchants and wealthy persons became known for their lobbying and market gaming..



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