Failed Democracy

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Muslim Views
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Modi-fication of India
The market-economy engineer, who win the golden post of India’s PM, had started his deep surgeries to reshape the Indian socioeconomic framework.. Despite the bright slogans against corruption, open defection and prosperity, Indians start to observe the true reality of a conservative government, after decades of socially driven others..

Certainly, he came by the landslide choice of the people; which would raise the question about Democracy itself..

Despite the End-of-History’s notion that Liberal democracy is the last innovation of Mankind, which epistemically will not be replaced for a long time to come; critics are increasing worldwide with questions about governance, integrity and sustainability of Democracy..

Failed Democracy
is the term all Western Institutes are aligned to fight its spread and accumulated momentum.. It represents the true dilemma the frustrated commons face everywhere, whereas their ballots drive them into unfortunate situations and outcomes..

Regretfully, most acclaimed intellectuals are exercising the herd-syndrome, following well established notions and Western-Style culture of organized pro-democracy.. The legacy of Mankind is about the innovation and resilience.. Yet, the opposite takes place through media, academia and think-tanks.. Humans will not survive without democracy, despite all odds..!!

People need to restore their confidence to be able to create another form to clear the free will from the deadly democratic parasites..!!

Islamic Shura
Regretfully, Muslim intellectual were and still short to nationalize their political heritage..  This hinders their contribution to the world order and development..

It is rather funny when the people have a strong theory in hand while they can’t afford the adequate effort required to evolve and share with others.. Most of the political intellectual productions from Muslim scholars and academics is short from gaining accreditation and celebration from the world Epistemia.. Who would claim the war-against-Islam are basically ill-equipped to meet the neutral requirements for science and technology..

Saying so; I have great hopes that the coming Muslim generation of scientists and thinkers will have better tools and authentic will to produce a reliable system for implementation..




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