Retired Nurse Re-tells Harrowing Ghanaian Experience

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Muslim Views
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Published on Apr 8, 2014

Retired American Nurse, Michelle McGowan, went to Ghana last fall to help some children suffering with dermatitis. It is a strange, even horrible, skin condition that is curable. Along the line to help them, however, she was arrested by Ghanaian officials, and charged with fraud and ‘child publication’. McGowan was also accused of setting up offshore accounts into which she was channeling donations for her own personal use. She disputes this claim and tells her side of the story with Sahara TV’s Kwesi Baako in this lengthy sit down.


Michelle McGowan:
“I did not enter Ghana on a tourist visa, and I am a registered NGO with 3 other member, all of whom are Ghanaians. The NGO is registered through the Registrar General in Accra, and Social Welfare. I am not a signatory on the account because the account was registered in Ghana and I am not a resident of Ghana, therefore I cannot be a signatory on the account. My 3 Ghanaian NGO partners are the only signatories. Educate yourself with facts before slinging judgemental opinions. I broke no laws, no even child publucation. The law in Ghana reads that one cannot publish any identifying information about minor children without the consent of the family. Clearly I had permission from the mother of these children because she is even assisting me in the video. Too much criticism…not enough helping hands. Tell me Raymond, before you cast your stones at me…what did you do to help these kids who’ve been suffering in your “sovereign nation” for 16 years???”

Despite the marvelous work of hers, audience should pay attention to the arrest of Michelle, and bad treatment she received.. This is what puts off all efforts to offer a hand to Africans in particular and 3rd world in general.. There is not only an intellectual gap, but also a moral one..
Similarly, that most audiences had only shade tears for the poor kids, and very few had the time to listen to the full story..!!!!!!
In today’s world, we adore the fast news, and epic emotions rather than boring facts..



  1. adilsud says:

    Thanks Moonfleet Eldai for sharing
    We are not serious.. I understand the Right Wings campaigns; which find Western charities are met with suspicion, laziness and corruption.. a waste of resources for governments who do not appreciate.. Yes, the poor common search for help and support, yet; inevitably listen to their leaders warning of hidden attempts to re-enslave them or re-colonize..
    For each tear our watching eyes release; factual efforts are withhold..
    O’ Africans: Break your own hurdles.. or your own dreams..!!


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