Posted: June 16, 2014 in Muslim Views
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Please Circulate

Let’s Change the Wrongdoing

They Shame All Muslims

They Have No Excuse, But Being Psycho Animals


40 years ago, when modern terrorism was born, activists were of my age group.. They were mostly torn with socioeconomic deprivation and stresses.. They were either unable to date, own humble gadgets, or balance new arriving trends to their cultural mindset.. They found salvation in the holy scriptures, fascinated with verses of extreme, been bolder by arguing orthodox clerics, and been further excited with security chasing.. Their endeavor ended by anti-Soviet Taliban..

The following generation had been transformed into killing machines, releasing all paradoxes, hatred and pain to punish both commons and states.. A religious form of anarchy..

The only steady factor was the unqualified and ill-equipped preachers, who are politicians rather than professional..
It is the urbanity in its awful and ignored backlash..

We need to Occupy the Religious Services..!!

  1. adilsud says:

    قال رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – « سباب المسلم فسوق ، وقتاله كفر » . [صحيح البخاري]

    Narrated at Sahih Bukhari; The Massenger of Allah PBUH said:
    Swearing a Muslim is an immorality, Fighting him is a disbelieve


  2. adilsud says:

    Narrated by Abu Horirah MAPH; The Massenger of Allah PBUH said:
    Do not envy each other, over price, hate, disaccord, or soar on.
    O’ Allah’s Slaves: Be Brothers.
    A Muslim is a brother to the Muslim: He Does not oppress, fail, disclaim, or disgrace.
    Piousness is here; pointing to His chest three times.
    Enough devilish for a person to disgrace his Muslim brother.
    All of the Muslim is unpermitted to another Muslim: His Blood, Moneys and honor


  3. adilsud says:

    عن أبي هريرة – رضي الله عنه – قال: قال رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: لا تحاسدوا، ولا تناجشوا، ولا تباغضوا، ولا تدابروا، ولا يبع بعضكم على بيع بعض، وكونوا عباد الله إخوانا، المسلم أخو المسلم، لا يظلمه، ولا يخذله، ولا يكذبه، ولا يحقره، التقوى ها هنا، ويشير إلى صدره ثلاث مرات، بحسب امرئ من الشر أن يحقر أخاه المسلم، كل المسلم على المسلم حرام دمه وماله وعرضه


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