Ireland ‘leads the world in Islamic values as Muslim states lag’

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Muslim Views
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Ireland embodies Islamic beliefs, according to survey

It is a very interesting study, which matches the horizons of mine that Islam will prosper among non-Arabic Speakers..
However, I need to highlight the fact that this study tackles the economic aspects, not the socioeconomic ones, which would introduce issues about personal and civic liberties.. Once such indicators are  included, it will change the ratings towards a more realistic one.. Islam is not about high morals applied apart from the Notions of Creations.. Already, there are many people with different faiths and beliefs; who exercise the Islamic morals, not the Islamic faith, which early scholars had loudly published.. Mohammad Abdo, an Egyptian 18th century intellectual who became a leading figure at AlAzhar quoted: I found Islam in Europe with no Muslims, and found in Egypt many Muslim and almost no Islam..!!
Many thanks to Hesham Aldai

Ireland best embodies the Islamic values of opportunity and justice, according to a survey by a leading US academic

Damien McElroy

1:16PM BST 10 Jun 2014

The Koran’s teachings are better represented in Western societies than in Islamic countries, which have failed to embrace the values of their own faith in politics, business, law and society, a leading academic at George Washington University has said.

A study of 208 countries and territories has found that the top countries in both economic achievement and social values are Ireland, Demark, Luxembourg and New Zealand. Britain also ranks in the top ten.

The first Muslim-majority nation is Malaysia ranking at 33, while the only other state in the top 50 is Kuwait at 48.

Hossein Askari, an Iranian-born professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University, said Muslim countries used religion as an instrument of state control. He said: “We must emphasise that many countries that profess Islam and are called Islamic are unjust, corrupt, and underdeveloped and are in fact not ‘Islamic’ by any stretch of the imagination.

“Looking at an index of Economic Islamicity, or how closely the policies and achievements of countries reflect Islamic economic teachings – Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, Norway, and Belgium round up the first 10”.


“If a country, society, or community displays characteristics such as unelected, corrupt, oppressive, and unjust rulers, inequality before the law, unequal opportunities for human development, absence of freedom of choice (including that of religion), opulence alongside poverty, force, and aggression as the instruments of conflict resolution as opposed to dialogue and reconciliation, and, above all, the prevalence of injustice of any kind, it is prima facie evidence that it is not an Islamic community,” he said.

An Overall Islamicity Index analysing social rules and human rights measures found that similar rankings were generated in 2010.

“New Zealand, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands; and again only Malaysia (38) and Kuwait (48) make it into the top 50 from Muslim countries,” he said. “Islam is, and has been for centuries, the articulation of the universal love of Allah for his creation and for its unity, and all that this implies for all-encompassing human and economic development.”

Economic Islamicity Index:

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